Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services

Expert witness services is based on data evaluation for rendering a professional opinionGeoSolve’s®continued success is founded in our honesty and straight-forward relationships with clients, other consulting firms and regulatory government agencies. GeoSolve® approaches all expert witness services on civil litigation cases indiscriminately. As an impartial expert, GeoSolve® is focused on Geoscience and data evaluation as the mechanism for rendering a professional opinion.

Litigation Support
GeoSolve® has extensive experience in providing expert witness litigation support for various environmental, geological and hydrogeological disputes. Expert witness litigation support for various environmental, geological & hydrogeological disputesOur company provides detailed Geoscience investigations tailored toward individual litigation cases with impartial data interpretation. Environmental and geological standards of care are applied to every investigation with utmost professional integrity and confidentiality.

Expert Witness Services
GeoSolve® professionals conduct expert witness services for environmental, geological and hydrogeological litigations. Our litigation support services include the following:

  • Expert deposition
  • Expert testimony
  • Attorney-client privileged consulting services
  • Attorney-client privileged focused investigations
  • Third party review


Expert Witness Cases

  • Lang Farms vs. Leatherby – Seepage Litigation – Meridian, CA
  • Stoel Rives, LLP – CRC Stormwater Litigation – Ventura, CA
  • Law Offices of David Olson – Seepage Litigation – Oakland, CA
  • Rizio Lipinsky – Leach Line Evaluation – Morongo Valley, CA
  • Romanucci and Blandin Law – TCE Contamination – Union, IL