Hydrogeology Services

Water quality and supply continue to define California’s and the United States growth and development.  Protection, management and efficient distribution of water resources are critical to our future prosperity and sustenance, especially in California and the Southwestern States.  Consistent and safe drinking water supplies, which are appropriately managed in conjunction with demands for agricultural water supply and industrial water use, require professionals with legal water-rights background and technical expertise.  GeoSolve® is dedicated to provide superior hydrogeological services in evaluating water quality, supply, containment and usage in surface and groundwater conditions.

GeoSolve provides the following quality hydrogeological services:

  • Surface and Groundwater Quality Analysis and Evaluation
  • Groundwater Modeling for Site-Specific Drainages and Basins
  • Groundwater Pump and Recovery Testing and Well Design
  • Groundwater Monitoring and Supply Well Installation
  • Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring
  • Vadose Zone Water Moisture and Chemical Monitoring
  • Seepage Evaluation
  • Water Budgeting
  • Third party peer review services
  • Stream and River Erosion Studies
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning (SWPPP) and Monitoring
  • Consulting Services to the Water Board and Department of Water
  • Expert Witness Services.