Geological Services

California’s natural beauty was created by complex geologic history.  The Geologic Rock Cycle is depicted within our State by the formation of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Great Valley, Mohave Desert and the formation of many other ranges including the Cascades, Transverse, Peninsular and Coast Ranges through repeated cycles of volcanism, metamorphism, sedimentation compounded by glaciation.  This plethora of geologic settings coupled with the placement of active fault zones throughout the State provides the highest probability for immediate and long-term geologic hazards.  These geologic hazards include failure of natural and anthropogenic structures due to the following:  earthquakes, landslides, liquefaction, differential settlement, lateral spreading, ground lurching, expansive soil, tsunamis, flooding and erosion.  We are keenly aware of these hazards and work closely with our Clients and regulatory agencies to reduce and minimize the effects of potential geologic hazards on real properties through our geologic expertise.  GeoSolve® provides the following quality geological services:

  • Detailed Geologic Mapping
  • Mineral Resource Evaluation and NI 43-101 Report Preparation
  • Mine Site Evaluation and Risk Assessment
  • Fault Rupture Trenching Investigations
  • Landslide Investigations and Mitigation
  • Seismic Hazard Evaluations and Mitigation
  • Vineyard Soil Management and Soil Mapping
  • Geologic Hazard Evaluations
  • Soil Chemistry and Crop Management
  • Natural Background Oil Seepage Investigations and Reporting
  • Third party peer review services
  • Adverse Bedding Evaluations
  • Grading Observation and Slope Recommendations
  • Geologic Hazard Abatement District (GHAD) Reporting and Monitoring
  • Geologic Workplan Preparation for County Geologist Review
  • Consulting Services to County and State Geologist (California Geological Survey)
  • Expert Witness Services