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GeoExpressions and GeoSolve, Inc.® have successfully bio-remediated four properties to unrestricted use in California using GeoGene.  These properties are listed in our Success Stories site as the Borello Property, Mantegani Property and Barry Swenson – South Yard Property. The contaminants of concern (COC) bio-remediated at these properties included DDT, DDE, DDD, dieldrin, endrin, endosulfan II, PCBs and toxaphene. GeoSolve is the West Coast distributor for GeoGeneGeoExpressions designs site-specific bio-remediation applications for complex projects, supervises GeoGene and nutrient application activities, coordinates routine soil mixing and irrigation events and conducts remedial performance evaluations for our clients in order to eliminate environmental liabilities.

GeoGene Description
GeoGene is a proprietary soil amendment consisting of synthesized protein biologically similar to indigenous bacteria species living within the soil.  Every property requiring GeoGene treatment requires a bench study using soil from the representative site.  The bench study is an exhaustive micro-biological and bio-chemical analysis of a representative soil sample from a perspective site in the laboratory. The protein within GeoGene will be similar to the protein originally destroyed by the chlorinated compounds beneath the site and added to the soil, thus genetically crippling the indigenous bacteria from metabolizing the chlorinated hydrocarbons (consuming the chlorinated hydrocarbons and bio-chemically breaking down the pesticides into inert substances). GeoGene restores the indigenous bacteria back to their near original condition, enabling the bacteria to metabolize the pesticides into inert substances (chloride salt, carbon dioxide and water) and bio-remediate the site. The indigenous bacteria present at this site, which are responsible for breaking-down the chlorinated hydrocarbons include Xanthomonas and Actinomycetes and are not pathogenic in the environment. The bacteria colonies terminate and/or are reduced to background levels after irrigation is ceased.

GeoGene is a California EPA approved bio-remedial technology vetted through the California Department of Toxic Substances and Control (DTSC) and the California Regional Water Quality Control Board – Region 2 (Water Board).  GeoGene was successful in bio-remediating elevated concentrations of toxaphene (up to 6.2 parts per million), dieldrin (up to 0.9 parts per million), DDT and DDE (up to 9 parts per million) and PCBs (up to 156 parts per million) to concentrations below State action levels within California.  Each property was formerly closed by either the DTSC or the Water Board for unrestricted site use.

GeoExpressions understand the economics of GeoGene treatment and continues to motivate property owners to efficiently and effectively transform their environmental liabilities into assets.  Based on our previously GeoGene bio-remediated projects, up to 70% savings were realized compared to conventional remedial options.

Historical GeoGene Performance Summary
In July 2005, GeoGene was applied to the Borello Property, a 14-acre parcel contaminated with Toxaphene and Dieldrin down to 2 feet below ground surface in Morgan Hill, California under a DTSC approved RAW. Toxaphene concentrations were detected greater than 6 ppm and Dieldrin concentrations were detected up to 0.48 ppm. By August 2005, Toxaphene was not detected and Dieldrin concentrations were below 0.017 ppm. The property was formerly closed by the DTSC in October 2005 as an “unrestricted use site.”

In November 2005, GeoGene was applied to a 4.5-acre parcel contaminated with Aroclor 1254 and Aroclor 1260 (PCBs) up to 156 ppm in Milpitas, California under a Water Board RAP. The contamination extended down to 5 feet bgs. As of January 2007, remedial performance sampling indicated this property attained a statistical PCB average over the site of 0.5 ppm. The property was closed by the Water Board for unrestricted use in February 2007.

In May 2006, GeoGene was applied to the Mantegani Property, a 0.81-acre parcel contaminated with DDT and Dieldrin in South San Francisco under an approved DTSC RAW. DDT was detected up to 5 ppm and Dieldrin was detected up to 0.98 ppm. Remedial performance sampling was conducted on June 12, 2006. Results indicated significant reduction in DDT and DDE from 8.8 ppm to 0.43 ppm and dieldrin was reduced from 0.97 ppm to 0.49 ppm. The property was closed by the DTSC in January 2007 for unrestricted use.

In August 2014, GeoGene was successfully used to bioremediate heating oil concentrations up to 20,000 ppm down to less than an average of 100 ppm at the former PG&E Hercules Transfer Station in Hercules, California.  Approximately 20,000 cubic yards of soil was bioremediated and formerly closed by the RWQCB for unrestricted use in April 2015.

Once the lateral and vertical extent of the contamination is known on a specific property, we estimate the quantity of impacted soil for bio-remediation.  GeoGene enhanced bacteria metabolically transforms chloride ions attached to hydrocarbon molecules into inert substances.  GeoGene is non-hazardous and is applied with other soil amendments, such as lime, organic matter (manure, charcoal, etc.) and fertilizers. Once thoroughly mixed in the soil, the soil is irrigated between 2 to 6 months at least twice a week during warm days and every week during cooler days until confirmation sampling indicates the chemicals of concern have been eliminated. Prior to producing GeoGene, a bench study must be performed on site-specific soil collected from the site, approximately 2 gallons of soil, which is submitted to our laboratory for analysis. Detailed soil-chemistry, indigenous bacteria survey and contaminants are analyzed prior to conducting the bench study. An effective GeoGene factor is created from the bench study.

Please visit our Downloads site for additional information on our GeoGene biotechnology and please contact us for site-specific GeoGene cost.