GeoSolve, Inc.® is a solution oriented environmental, geological, and hydrogeological consulting firm. We specialize in Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, geohazard assessments, hydrogeological assessments, Brownfield Redevelopment projects, and expert witness services. GeoSolve is committed to solving your environmental, geological and hydrogeological concerns at a lower cost, and with greater expertise than our competitors. We offer personalized consulting services that combine science-based solutions with the benefits of our well established relationships with the California Environmental Protection Agency (including the Water Board and DTSC) and local governing agencies. GeoSolve demonstrates integrity, technological innovation, and client satisfaction.

GeoSolve is the West Coast distributor for Factor X11, a bio-remediation technology, which bio-remediates soil and groundwater impacted by chlorinated- and petroleum-hydrocarbons, especially organochloride pesticides, PCBs, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

For more information on Factor X11, please visit our GeoExpressions area.

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